250 Quad Configuration


CLI Settings:

mixer quadx

feature SERVO_TILT

feature PPM

set align_board_yaw = -180 – board facing backwards

set deadband = 10  // These are values (in us) by how much RC input can be different before it’s considered valid. For transmitters with jitter on outputs, this value can be increased. Defaults are zero, but can be increased up to 10 or so if rc inputs twitch while idle.

set yawdeadband = 50

set looptime = 3000 (for miniquad see PID Tuning section in this post for other looptime settings with larger quadas)

map RETA1234

set max_angle_inclination = 300  – 30 degree max angle in angle mode

set minthrottle = 1130 // Throttle level when armed







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2 thoughts on “250 Quad Configuration

  1. Aloha!. Very Nice. Have you flown it yet. Would love to see in flight. I have a handful of nanoquads purchased from TMart (2 Cheerson CX-10, 2 CX-11~estes clones). Have flown outdoors on calm evening at UHH field on Kawili. Interested in doing a similar build to yours, doing some automation, etc. I have a CNC machine.


    1. Just starting to get some flights in.. Got FPV gear on it now 😉 will post some more pictures and video after this weekend hopefully.

      I have a few of the cheerson CX10 and some larger JJRC 1000 quads, the larger ones are allot more stable in the air and easier to control. But all are fun to fly around, good to learn the basic controls on these things without breaking expensive parts..

      What kind of CNC machine do you have?

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