TS-100 Soldering Iron USB C PD Mod – 20V via internal adapter

The USB C PD adapter is called “ZYPDS” by YZXStudio you want the smallest model from here:   The module is lowest cost from this Ebay seller: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Type-C-USB-C-PD2-0-3-0-to-DC-USB-fast-charge-trigger-Poll-detector-9v-12v-15v-20/233102637939 But can also be purchased at these other sites: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Freeshipping-ZY12PDS-Type-C-USB-C-PD2-0-3-0-Turn-DC-USB-Deception-Fast-Charging/32972893908.html OR https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Type-C-USB-C-PD2-0-3-0-TO-DC-USB-decoy-fast-charge-trigger-Poll/32969919810.html OR https://www.ebay.com/itm/Super-Mini-ZYPDS-DC-mini-20V-trigger-support-millet-65W-PD-power-supply-/132714794782

Grafana + Nginx Reverse Proxy + Lets Encrypt

This is just a note on which other tutorials worked for me! after spending way too long finding the info. The main config steps in Grafana are getting the email working and setting up domain names, they are in the etc/grafana/grafana.ini file:domain: yourdomain.comroot_url = http://localhost:3000/[smtp]enabled = truehost = localhost:25skip_verify = truefrom_address = noreply@yourdomain.comfrom_name = yourdomain.comehlo_identity…

Mightyboard Qidi / Flashforge / Makerbot – Flash new firmware with Avrdude + Avrdudess

I wanted to update the firmware on a QIDI 3d printer – one of these printers came with older firmware that was missing a few functions. Simplest way to get the firmware was by reading it out from another printer 🙂 Install AVRDudess if you like a GUI AVRDUDESS – A GUI for AVRDUDE https://github.com/zkemble/AVRDUDESS…