Mightyboard Qidi / Flashforge / Makerbot – Flash new firmware with Avrdude + Avrdudess

I wanted to update the firmware on a QIDI 3d printer – one of these printers came with older firmware that was missing a few functions. Simplest way to get the firmware was by reading it out from another printer ūüôā Install AVRDudess if you like a GUI AVRDUDESS – A GUI for AVRDUDE https://github.com/zkemble/AVRDUDESS…

Which is the fastest Arduino – ESP32, ESP8266, Arduino Uno, Arduino 101 +Others Speed Test Comparison Chart

This started because I was interested in how the new ESP32¬†compared against other common Arduino compatible development boards. Source code Arduino sketch on Github¬†¬†The source code is based¬†on this post   Direct link to¬†Google Docs Spreadsheet ¬†– same as embedded above – feel free to make a copy of the spreadsheet and link it below…

Micropython IDE options

uPyIDE http://pythontutor.com/¬†– not an IDE but great tools to visualize how code is executed http://espcut.com/¬†–¬†IDE for ESP8266 NodeMCU, Lua and MicropythonIDE for ESP8266 NodeMCU, Lua and Micropython Windows Only ūüôĀ but provides a file structure viewer of the MicroPython file system through the serial port.