STL to 2D SVG file

importĀ STL in FreeCad From the dropdown middle menu select “part” Part – create shape from mesh Select the new shape in the file browser on left Part – Cross section – XY 1.5mm for mine Select the cross section in file browser on left Export – Flattened SVG If your cad file is in STEP…

STL to Autodesk Inventor format using FreeCad

This is just a very brief note, mostly for my personal reference.. Tutorial: http://northernhope.blogspot.com/2013/05/stl-to-step-with-freecad.html Some additions to the above tutorial: Part > Convert To Solid before exporting Upon opening in autodesk inventor the part will be solidĀ and you can modify faces and create sketches upon them, much better than the native STL import in autodesk.