Arduino Heatpump Controller

Some links to get the ideas started..   My heatpump: Klimaire KSIF009-H115-S 9,000 BTU 15.2 SEER Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Air Conditioner Heat Pump System with 15′. Installation Kit (115V), , 9,000 BTU – 115 V  

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LED Poi Links   inner PC tube 16.21mm OD 12.88 ID – cut to 157mm long – cut notch in side for wires to exit outer PC tube 25.9mm OD 22mm ID cut to 28cm – end with cap should be cut straight – holes for end cap drilled after fully assembled

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Flysky I6 Transmitter adding additional 10 channel mod

3/8/2016: Updated links: Firmware and info: Thread with discussion: Internal Voltage Sensor Mod:   Important!: Binding must be done through hidden menu with new firmware Hold down both sticks bottom left corner while turning on remote Use bind function. Short the B pin to ground on receiver before it is turned on. Binding should be… Continue reading Flysky I6 Transmitter adding additional 10 channel mod

Cleanflight Settings

current settings scale the output: 105 offset: 4 Voltage Scale = 112 Arming: set max_check = 2000 set min_check = 1000 Deadband: set deadband = 30 set yaw_deadband = 50 Channel Mapping: map RETA1234   set align_mag = 8 //CW270_DEG_FLIP=8 for GPS+MAG module with compass upside down When LED_STRIP feature is enabled on NAZE32 and gimbal_flags… Continue reading Cleanflight Settings

250 Quad Configuration

CLI Settings: mixer quadx feature SERVO_TILT feature PPM set align_board_yaw = -180 – board facing backwards set deadband = 10  // These are values (in us) by how much RC input can be different before it’s considered valid. For transmitters with jitter on outputs, this value can be increased. Defaults are zero, but can be increased up… Continue reading 250 Quad Configuration