Autodesk Inventor Exporting Face into a 2D CAD file (PDF) for import to laser cutter

New Method – complicated but yields almost perfect results

These instructions are also applicable for general 2D face export from Autodesk Inventor format into PDF for CorelDraw for other laser cutter software.

Required Software:

  • Autodesk Inventor 2016
  • Autodesk DWG TrueView 2016 (installed with AutoCAD 2016)
  • CorelDraw X6 32Bit
  • LaserCAD plugin for CorelDraw
  • LaserCAD


  • In Autodesk Inventor 2016 – emboss / extrude text 1mm (depth not important)
  • Create sketch on top layer(if you don’t already have one) – draw any line art in this sketch – 
  • Use “Project Cut Edges” tool to include all previously extruded geometry from top layer > finish sketch
  • Right click on sketch in browser > Export Sketch As > Choose .dwg filetype – use the default settings 2013 version > Save
  • In Autodesk DWG TrueView 2016 (found in autodesk start menu folder) – Open > The exported DWG
  • Plot > Select “Adobe PDF” as the printer
  • Uncheck “Fit to paper”
  • Set Scale to 1:1 mm
  • Clock OK and save as PDF (If part of the PDF is off the page increase paper size or choose “Center the plot”)
  • In CorelDRAW X6 32Bit > Open the PDF file > Check the Import Text As “Curves” box
  • Hit the export to laserCAD button (assuming you have the proper laserCAD plugin installed)


Old Method – does not export the center of text characters but is much simpler (less programs required!)

In order to export text from a sketch/face you must first extrude or emboss the text.

The end use is to import this .dxf file into LaserCAD to be cut on the laser cutter.


  • if you export as the default 2013 DXF format the text will be broken up with parts of the letters missing.
  • Instead go into options and change it to R12 – then all the text curves will be imported into LaserCAD – this may be a failing of Lasercads import function.


1-Fullscreen capture 752015 42611 PM 2-Fullscreen capture 752015 43158 PM 3-Fullscreen capture 752015 43223 PM


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