Cleanflight Settings

current settings

scale the output: 105

offset: 4

Voltage Scale = 112


  • set max_check = 2000
  • set min_check = 1000


  • set deadband = 30
  • set yaw_deadband = 50

Channel Mapping:

  • map RETA1234


  • set align_mag = 8 //CW270_DEG_FLIP=8 for GPS+MAG module with compass upside down

When LED_STRIP feature is enabled on NAZE32 and gimbal_flags is set to 4 (to forward AUX1-4 to PWM5-8), no PWM waveforms appear on outputs PWM5-8. This is because the LED driver uses timer TIM3 (also needed for PWM5-8). As a workaround, this patch will route AUX1/AUX2 to PWM13/PWM14 (channels 5/6 of the headers that connect to ESCs).

LED Settings:

  • set gimbal_flags = 4




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