Compiling Arduino Bootloaders on Windows – Leonardo / Caterina type – hints,tips,notes

Manually set in makefile for Atmega32u4

BOOT_START           = 0x7000


Manually set in makefile for At90usb1286

BOOT_START           = 0x1E000

as the BC utility used by the original equation to calculate the BOOT_START was not easy to install on windows

Copy LUFA into same folder as bootloader files.


You can use a windows .bat batch file to run the command lines with a locally referenced copy of the WinAVR files – to avoid path issues and not knowing exactly which version of the tools you are using.
path %~dp0\avr4.3.3\bin;%~dp0\avr4.3.3\utils\bin;%~dp0\avr4.3.3\libexec\gcc\avr\4.3.3;
make clean
make all

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