Dip Soldering Notes

  1. Place all through hole parts on PCB.
  2. Wet underside with kester 951, 959T or similar liquid flux (not sure which is best yet)
  3. Place over PCB preheater set to ~220C for ~125C board temp. – 100C is probably a better temperature for this. – may be better to preheat board then quickly flux then dip.
  4. Wait 1:25 for most of the flux alcohol to evaporate.
  5. Grab PCB with pliers
  6. Clean dross off solder pot.
  7. Place straight down in solder pot for 4-5 seconds. – usually until sizzling stops
  8. Pull up in a sidewards and angled motion at a moderate rate so as to avoid solder bridges. Too fast and you may dislodge and tip over component. Too slow and there may be bridges or excess solder deposited.
  9. Let cool.
  10. Repeat


Solder pot set to 300C – 280C is probably more appropriate

It may be possible to build a mini solder wave machine out of this pot with the addition of solder pump.

flux mister using ultrasonic fog machine may be possible?

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