Gerber PCB File Merge Multiple File Items Together Using Text Editor – KiCad

  • First set the data you want to append to an unused layer in KiCad so it is easy to tell apart.
  • Then export with the “Plot” function and open both gerber files.
  • Copy the data area shown in the below image into the file you want as the master.
  • The aperture will most likely conflict with existing apertures in this file, so pick a new number by referencing the existing ones.
  • Refer to image below on which values to change.
  • Save modified gerber file!
  • Examine with GerbV to make sure it worked properly.

In the below example I wanted my V1.1 text to be on the soldermask layer, but also wanted to use my copper layer as a direct copy to the soldermask to expose all copper – hence I needed a way to add data to just the soldermask once the gerber was copied. I suppose I could have added the data to the copper layer in KiCad and then tried to find the relevant data in the gerber, but this may be very difficult I am not sure.



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