Lasercad Laser Cutter power settings – 30W CO2

These are what I use on my retrofit 30W Chinese machine, they are probably not directly portable to any other machine because of so many variables in these things, tube life etc..

I have the analog current limit set to 15mA for 100% power but don’t know how accurate the little meter is.

One other tip is to check that the main output lens is clean if you notice power start to drop off – some 90% alcohol and a paper towel on the bottom of the lens seems to take it off well enough. This may scratch the lens coatings over time but I haven’t noticed any problems yet.


  • Speed: 11
  • Power: 100

Engraving Vector:

  • Speed: 50
  • Power: 22

Engraving Raster:

  • Speed: 100
  • Power: 22


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