Maghold Build Platform for the Makergear M2 3D Printer

This new type of build platform uses a sprint steel top plate along with the bottom machined aluminum plate which contains embedded magnets.

The spring steel is removable which allows you to gently bend it to remove your parts without trying to pry up large parts from a rigid build platform which can be very frustrating and difficult – and mar the corners of your parts!

I actually managed to crack the original makergear glass and aluminum platform while trying to remove a particularly stuck on part.

The makergear uses a silicone heater pad attached with adhesive. I was able to pull the heater off the old platform without damage.

The temp sensor can also be unbolted and bolted onto the new makergear build platform easily.

The new platform mounts using the original built plate mounting holes so its really not a difficult swap.

Alan over at 3dprintermods.com custom designed this build plate with my help measuring the mounting holes to fit the Makergear M2 3D printer – If you need one too be sure to ask him for a Makergear M2 style plate not the standard one. The price was very reasonable and not too much more than the flashforge size plate.

I’m only using 8×8″ buildtak build surface on the top, you can use the full size 8×10″ sheets to get complete print area, these are just what I had on hand and cost a little less than the 8×10 sheets if you don’t need the extra space.


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