Mightyboard Qidi / Flashforge / Makerbot – Flash new firmware with Avrdude + Avrdudess

I wanted to update the firmware on a QIDI 3d printer – one of these printers came with older firmware that was missing a few functions.

Simplest way to get the firmware was by reading it out from another printer 🙂

Install AVRDudess if you like a GUI



Use these settings:

I also had to push the reset button on the mightyboard and then quickly press the “read” or “detect” button – after the startup sounds had played it would not accept input from Avrdude.

I am uploading the HEX file here for reference. This is from a QIDI mightyboard received March 2018. mightyboard-qidi


  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I have been pulling my hair out after shorting out the second of my Qidi mightyboards, and you have just saved me another 100 bucks! Thank you!!

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