Chip Scale 12 Pin ATTINY20-UUR

Possibly the smallest 12 pin micro-controller currently available?


  • 1.5 x 1.4 x .5 mm 🙂 2KB 12Mhz 10 IO pins
  • .4mm pin pitch
  • Possible to route 8 of the IO using .127mm (5mil) traces and clearance
  • You loose one internal pad due to trace width, and another external pad because one of the internal pads is GND which is necessary.
Overview of the package – some great hits on PCB layout:
Product page from Atmel, also links to the datasheet:

Digikey currently sells it for $1.1 at 100 qty:

Compared to a 32Pin QFN package:

Chip Scale Package 12Pin

Compared to various other Atmel MCUs



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