Lightning Arresters, MOVs, Surge Suppression

Varistor TMOV25S Image
Varistor TMOV25S Image

The following are large 3 lead MOV’s that include a thermal fuse – this fuse will prevent thermal runaway on short circuit failure mode. The 3 lead arrangement also allows an LED indicator light to notify when failure of the thermal fuse has occurred.

  • $4 TMOV25SP115M – 28MM 20KA 170J 115VAC 150VDC – good for 150V DC systems Datasheet
  • $4 TMOV25SP150M – 28MM 20KA 220J 150VAC 200VDC – good for 120V AC systems Datasheet
  • $4 TMOV25SP300M – 28MM 20KA 370J 300VAC 385VDC – good for 300V AC systems Datasheet


These are smaller standard 20MM MOVs that are much less expensive but do not include the 3 lead arrangement.

  • $0.65 V20E60P            – 20MM 10KA 100J 60VAC 85VDC Datasheet
  • $0.37 MOV-20D101K – 20MM 6.5KA 45J  60VAC 85VDC Datasheet

PDF on MOV failure mode and lifetime

Another option is gas discharge tube arresters, these may last longer under repeated use than MOVs

  • T23-A230X
  • 2026-23-C3LF



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