Anycubic Delta Printer – Smoothie board Settings

Here are my config files – this printer still needs to have the rails straightened some as It is not printing perfectly accurately.. But if you just want the basic config settings they are all applicable.



  1. Hi, Chester.

    I have an Anycubic Delta also, and I am contemplating changing the firmware to a newer version of Marlin, or replacing the stock TriGorilla board with either a Duet or a SmoothieBoard.

    Have you run G29 (bed leveling) and G33 (delta calibration) using the SmoothieBoard yet?

    What does your M503 report look like?


  2. Hi Sean,

    Honestly I have not used this printer since last summer.. I need to find the time to finish my improvements to it but that hasn’t happened yet..

    The Duet looks like a good option but I have not purchased one yet myself.


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