TS-100 Soldering Iron USB C PD Mod – 20V via internal adapter

The USB C PD adapter is called “ZYPDS” by YZXStudio you want the smallest model from here:


The module is lowest cost from this Ebay seller:


But can also be purchased at these other sites:






2 thoughts on “TS-100 Soldering Iron USB C PD Mod – 20V via internal adapter

  1. Great idea!!!
    Care to share as to what traces are you soldering onto the in the TS-100 from the PD converter?
    Thanks !

    1. It is very easy to tell – just the traces that the original circular power connector was connected to 🙂 the middle pin is positive and the outer negative so very simple.
      The body of my connector is actually the ground and is soldered to the ground connection on the PCB so I only needed a positive red wire for that connection.

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